Packing the Backpacks

The ever-changing airlines had recently implemented the checked bag fees. No problem, people backpack around Europe all the time, right? Backpacking takes planning and a good backpack! Snoopy had learned that a good backpack for us to I start with were the Kelty backpacks. I lovingly referred to mine as β€œthe K” which Snoopy went […]

The Adventure Begins

After we decided where we wanted to go, figuring out what to do next was the interesting part. Luckily, Snoopy is a master at research. Almost too good for his own good. We decided on London and Paris fairly quickly and Snoopy got started on his research. We were not sure where our travels were […]

This Is Not An Exit

β€œThis is not an exit.” – Bret Easton Ellis Traveling to me was always a dream. I would watch on Facebook how my friends were traveling the world and I was in Houston. Not that Houston is bad, but I wanted to see what the world had to offer. I share this dream with Snoopy […]