I am not sure where our desire to travel started, but early in our relationship we realized we had a shared goal of traveling. Our friends and family had done some, but we had stuck to working after college and hadn’t had the chance.

Snoopy had a lot of connections in his field of work, so he spoke to a lot of people on how to save for travel without returning to a mountain of debt. We started off with a simple account that we put money towards each week and after a couple of years, it added up to our first trip. After our first trip, the seed was planted and we were officially hit with the travel bug.

There are many different ways of travel, and the way we choose to see the world is, what we feel, to be a way that many people can also. We choose to be budget travelers, sticking with hostels and backpacking, as well as frequenting grocery stores to make some of our meals rather than spending lofty amounts of money on fancy dinners. That doesn’t mean we don’t splurge, we just try to keep it within reason. The goal is returning from our vacation with memories, pictures, and not having to pay off the trip.

We hope to share our experiences from our travels and encourage others to see the world.