This Is Not An Exit

by Lindsay

“This is not an exit.” – Bret Easton Ellis

Traveling to me was always a dream. I would watch on Facebook how my friends were traveling the world and I was in Houston. Not that Houston is bad, but I wanted to see what the world had to offer.

I share this dream with Snoopy a year or so into our relationship. Not only did he listen, but he shared my dream and started making plans. Soon we realized that we could also travel the world as long as we were smart about it. Snoopy, having friends in unique places, had met with someone in finance and mentioned our desire to travel. He showed Snoopy ways that you could travel by saving your money and paying for each trip up front (or as we learned later, as upfront as possible) and returning home without having massive debts. This was important to the both of us for so many reasons. So we started on the plans and started with a visit to London and Paris in 2011.

We have learned so much from the small travels we have done and have been inspired by other travel bloggers such as Breakaway Backpacker and Nomadic Matt We decided to take the lessons learned, photos taken and experiences had and share them with others who might be looking to take on similar challenges.

We hope that others will be inspired to travel in the way we do – without cruises, without package tours and without more than just a backpack. As Rick Steves always says, we like to become temporary locals, eat the local food, (attempt to) speak the language and learn about the history of the people.

Feel free to leave us feedback and ask us questions as we continue to travel and grow.

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